Apple Keynote 2018 Event News Recap: Apple Watch Series 4


Apple’s big annual event to reveal new iPhones is ongoing, and as expected, it’s begun to announce an array of new products coming in the near future. While new iPhones and others are still to come, Apple led the event with the Apple Watch Series 4, a gorgeous-looking new version of its smartwatch.

Below, we’re rounding up the essential information on all of the big announcements from the event. We’ll continue to update this as the keynote continues, so stay tuned for much more news about iPhones and more.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple led its event with the announcement of Apple Watch Series 4, the next evolution of its smartwatch. It features a refined look, with a display that extends further toward the edges and has curved corners. Series 4 watches are also larger–they come in 40mm and 44mm watch face sizes, although Apple says the overall volume of the devices are smaller than their predecessors.

A wide variety of new watch faces were showcased, including one that could feature as many as eight complications. There is also expanded support for third-party apps on the watch face; we saw how the MLB At Bat app could show the box score for a baseball game, for instance. Apple also highlighted the watches’ louder speakers and other improvements, as well as new health-related features such as the ability to detect when the wearer falls down (triggering new options for altering emergency services or contacts).

Series 4 watches release on September 21 and will be priced at $399 or $499 for the cellular version.

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